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Secret 132 | La Caverna Rock & Bar | Bars | Coyoacán | Mexico City

Secret #132 / Bars

La Caverna Rock & Bar

Rock on!

Where was that music coming from? As we walked through the dark streets in search of the source of the sound, it seemed that everything was closed. We steeled ourselves and headed into the tangled alleys of Veracruz, where we found it. La Caverna Rock & Bar is a recently-opened watering hole which cranks up the bass at night with live gigs, and also offers wall-space to budding artists. We ordered a beer and perched at the bar for a stool-rattling performance. Will you join us for a walk on the wild side?

P.S. They may be rockers, but the guys at La Caverna have all sorts of cultural events planned, including poetry readings!


M.A. Quevedo 687
Published on:
5 July 2013

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