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Secret 248 | Salinger | Bars | La Condesa | Mexico City

Secret #248 / Bars


Drink catcher

Franny and Zooey were both here. But our scout told us to ignore them because he had a different character in mind for us. No, we weren't choosing a classic novel to read, instead at Salinger's bar in La Condesa the drinks menu is filled with names from his stories. Moments later we were sipping on Holden Caulfield: gin and tonic with fresh mint and ground pepper make this drink an ideal homage to the articulate but often fiery narrator of The Catcher in the Rye. Sitting under the bar's low ceiling adorned with tiny light bulbs (almost like a starry sky) we thought that this might become our new winter hangout! The only question left to ask is: which character will you choose to drink?

P.S. Okay, one more question: why not accompany your drink with their legendary mac & cheese?


La Condesa
238 Alfonso Reyes St.
Published on:
20 December 2013

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