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Las Aguas de la Zona Azul | Food | Nauzalpan de Juárez | Mexico City

Secret #44 / Food

Las Aguas de la Zona Azul

In flavored waters

We got the scent of Christmas while sitting under the hot Mexican sun. We were in Nauzalpan de Juárez when the light scent of cinnamon and sugar tickled our nostrils. Eager to find out where it was coming from, we traced the aroma into a small juice bar and ice cream shop. We walked into Las Aguas de la Zona Azul to discover that this parlor's unknown star is its long list of flavored water. Looking through it, we realized that it was the Rompope flavor, a Mexican variant of eggnog, that had lured us into it. Sing Las Aguas de la Zona Azul's Christmas carol all year long by making a refreshing stop here!

P.S. Not an eggnog fan? The tangerine water comes highly recommended too.

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